Loan Type

Types of Loans in the UK

Loans are of really great help especially in the United Kingdom. In the economy today, people are constantly finding ways to limit their expenses. Good thing that in UK, there are several loan packages you can use to help you manage your expenses. It is not always advisable to spend your savings which is why loans are here to help you with your current financial situations. Here in this page, you will learn about the different types of loans available in UK.

Bad Credit Loans

If you ever find it hard to get your loan application process approved in other lending institutions, here in Red Cross Loans, you can get approved whether you have a good credit record or not. This is the best kind of loan for you if it is hard for you to get alone because of your bad credit rating history. Bad Credit loans have generally lower interest rates. This format of loan is secured against your properties or house which is why it is available for homeowners. This loan has affordable monthly repayments which can be a great choice for you.

Logbook Loans

This kind of loan is secured against your car. As long as you are the legal rightful owner of the car, you can have this loan. You just need to bring the necessary documents to prove that and a representative will check if it meets the conditions the loan needs. Once approved, you can still use the car but the possession of the documents remains with the company until you have successfully made your repayments. The loan amount you can borrow depends on the vehicle so you need to know further details about that once you have filled up your application process. In case you are not able to do your repayments, chances are your car will be affected so you need to complete them properly.

Guarantor Loans

The format of this type of loan is unsecured. It can have a term of one to five years. It is also a good choice especially if you have a bad credit rating because through this loan, you can get approved. This kind of loan uses a guarantor on your behalf. It can be anyone that does not have a financial relation. They will be the fallback in case you are not able to make your repayments. However, your guarantor needs to have a good credit history for him or her to be considered as your guarantor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our customer service representatives regarding each loan to help you decide which would be the best for you. You can apply online in our website to make your application process faster. These loans are available in the United Kingdom and for those who satisfy the initial requirements such as age and employment status for one to be able to get approved of the loan. Red Cross Loans will be here to help you with your financial needs.